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I wanted to show the process of making an photo realistic architectural visualization of a house.

First off the CG model is created (from blueprint) and populated with objects and furniture.

After the model is created it’s time to color it up with whats known as materials (or textures) and apply it on the model (UV Maps are also created).


Now it’s time to finish up and make a photo-realistic visualization of the house.

To do this the background photography is matched to the CG camera lens (that will render the model) to get the perspectives right. And light with an spherical dome, to get the colors and reflections correct.

After the render is done and some post-processing, here is the final image.


Hope you like this short explaination of the process in making this architectual visualization, and if you have any questions or are interested in this, drop me a mail – fredrik@njordstudio.com.