How to make an image


First off we start making the model in 3D and populating it with objects.

Architectural visualisation - Step 01

Then we apply materials on the different models. Below is the same model as above but with a different material, without lights and environment.

Architectural visualisation - Step 03

When this is done we apply lights and reflections that comes from an HDRI Dome image (that we also create when needed), to make it photo-realistic. And then we render the model in 3D. And the post-process of painting the rendered model together with the backplate (background image, wich we walso made for this) starts. And we end up with something like this.

Architectural visualisation - Step 04

There are more ways we use when creating images, but this one is a good example of a basic workflow.

A couple of more examples of before and after

3D Matte Paint Cabin in the woods Evening Wireframe Njord Studio.jpg
Matte Paint Wireframe Cabin - Njord Studio.jpg.jpg
Matte Paint Cabin - Njord Studio.jpg