Njord Studio focuses on visualization and storytelling. 

Fredrik Hallén is our Photographer, CG artist and Coffee lover. Who lives with his family in an old summer house in the misty highlands of Sweden.

Why the name Njord Studio? Simple, Fredrik wanted a brand name that was independent of his name. And who does not love the mystic northern stories from the past?

Fueled by a strong work ethic and professional experience, Fredrik has worked and/or assisted on projects with companies like Didriksons, Dennis Chan Illustration, Esoft, OTW Communication, Hemtex, Segers, Gina Tricot, Af Swedala, Mimkids, Demex, ACG Puls, Rekotex, BEPP, Miss Dee, Livsviktigt to name a few.  

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Fredrik Hallén

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WWF · World Wildlife Fund
POW · Protect Our Winters



Photography is the artform of controlling lights and shadows, to create an image that tells the story.
The story can be anything really, from "look how beautiful this flower is" to "here is proof that we landed on the moon".
This is what's interesting, telling the story in a way the speaks to the viewer.  


CGI is a technique that combines the skill and vision of the artist and the power of the digital age. 

The big advantage in CGI is that we can visualize anything, things that are not yet in physical form (buildings, products, cars,) or is to dangerous to make in real life. And we can do it in a photorealistic way too.



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